"The nation and the maiden" - translation


France/Jeanne doujinshi requested by 221bbakerstreetissherlocked. Originally from here.

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friend: hey should i draw porn of our characters together?

me: lmao do it i dare you haha

friend: *draws the porn*

me: fuCKNIG SHI TI WAS KIDDING OH MY GO d that’s some nice porn


i hate whenever people say hetalia doesn’t teach you anything u are wrong i have learned many useless facts from this show


kudos to mtv for spreading this message tho


hi! so i recently reached 1k followers and i’m super happy about it! to celebrate, i though i would make a few masterposts for y’all. I might make a tumblr-related one later, too. anyways, i hope you like this one, and all of the links open in new tabs!
the psychology of color
how to mix skin tones
color harmony
a ton of colour palettes
how to contour/highlight
colour meanings
how to colour
how to draw…
how to draw hoods
how to draw boobs in shirts
how to draw hair
how to draw faces
another face tutorial
how to draw hands
how to draw mouths
how to draw expressions
more expressions
cargsdoodle’s body tutorial
how to draw arms
how to avoid same facing
how to draw clothing folds
drawing references
hairstyle references
eye references
a ton of clothing references
ear references
kneeling/sitting references
kissing references
adobe creative suite 2 free download
sai brush downloads
sai brushes
alternative to photoshop
photoshop for free
mypaint drawing program
a ton of free art programs
pixel art: a beginner’s guide
an AWESOME tutorial masterpost
my art tag
glitch effect tutorial




this is the first time i’ve seen this what

#wow shintaro you look fabulous  #looking great #resembling seto a lil bit #but just a little bit #seto is shintaro  #wake up america

i cant believe green shintaro finally took over

#seto is the luigi to shintaro’s mario 


do you ever just…

How do you start drawing a human (or creature)?

why do people even talk to me literally all i reply with is omg

sweats nervously as allen is not an orphan and thus has not lost his memories in this AU